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    When stationary and outdoors the GPS has no problem locating me. But if I'm in motion, whether in a car or by foot it has some real issues. The location is usually a half mile from where I am and my location does not even fall within the larger concentric circle that forms around the blue location dot. Do you think my GPS is faulty or do all your Pre Plus's on the Verizon network have the same issue?
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    Before you get flamed for beating a dead horse with multiple posts, use the search feature of this forum to see a gazillion other threads about this very same problem, and how disabling the Google option in Location Settings seems to fix accuracy problems for a lot of people.....
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    yeah well I have disable google and still have no results. Yesterday I did disable the services, then ran a GPS interactive test and enabled the services and that seemed to work, all but once. Now I'm having issues again. And I have tried disabling google services and then I get no map on the google maps app.
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    I have a verizon palm pre plus and have had more than once with clear skies, horizon to horizon over 30 degrees clear, open up gpsdashboard+ and it takes more than a few minutes to find a signal even with full bars for 5 satellites in sight. I have left off the google location services and found that by turning off gps and turning it back on it seems to work a bit faster. That is more than a little annoying when you think about how much they charge for these phones to replace if you dont have the "equipment insurance".

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