I am new to the Palm Pre for about three weeks. so please forgive my inadequate knowledge. I was a crackberry addict until I couldn't take it no more. I am a flight attendant and I was able to get on my airlines employee page and list for flights to travel on. It was simple, at the bottom of the page there was a button that said "creat this flight" and, just like a regular computer, i could click it and list myself for a flight. I downloaded the 1.4.1 version and now i cannot list myself anymore. On the same page the last half of the page will not pull up. it is simply cut off. Every other page works fine, but I have noticed on other websites, if there is a text box cannot scroll down to read the text inside the box that is not seen. One of the greatest reasons I got the phone was to list myself for flights on the go. What happened and how can I fix it????????