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    I know it's no secret that electrical tape in your battery cover can fix the creaking (it worked for me anyways), but by also adding a few layers of tape right where the battery is, the whole phone feels solid and NEW. I don't know how to explain the feeling.

    Sure it's ghetto as hell, but is this a safe thing to do, long-term? The picture might make it seem like there's more tape than is actually there.
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    hahaha that's awesome. probably not an issue long term, might get a bit sticky from the adhesive heating up via the battery dragon tho eh?
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    what do you mean by creaking?,,i guess you don't use a ts. I'll tell you what,i started using the new verizon case with the ts cutout and this thing is so soild now I love it. And it can not twist.
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    wow! Thanks! No creaking, no oreo! All because of electrical tape!!! My phone feels awsome. Must try!!
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    Oreo is twisting when the slider is open.

    Mine only twists slightly whenever the slider is closed, just ever so barely. Wonder if this will help my kinda Pre...

    Gonna have to try this someday.
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    tittle should be Electrical tape= ghetto phone.
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    I like how ur crying just cause I put two Ts in the word title. Ha
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    crying? come on man really? I just thought it was funny... apparently my post got deleted tho...
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    what a piece of junk this phone is! look at what people have to do LOL

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