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    My dog got hold of my pre and cracked the screen. The entire left side no longer responds to touch. Is there any other way of sending an email (keyboard?) Asurion says my replacement is backordered and will be a while before they can send out a new phone.
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    Unfortunately the very top of the screen does not respond to touch either! I can't open the menu to add the patch feed. Any thoughts?
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    Tried that. But given that the left side of the screen is dead, i can't flick the switch to turn on developer mode. Guess i just have to wait for the new phone???
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    OK i messed up! It's the right side of the screen and very top that won't respond. can't access any drop down menus or anything on the "right" quarter of the screen.
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    The "little paper airplane" will not respond to touch
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    Correct! and i cannot access the drop down menu from the upper left side in any app.
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    Thanks for the tip. I guess i will wait a day or so to see if the new phone comes off back order. If it doesn't I'll give the Meta-Doctor routine a try.
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    This might be an option for anyone else with this problem, Although I don't know how many have dogs that destroy their phone???
    I was able to use the browser to access my webmail (Verizon) Forwarded my other account to verizon. I can access all the controls by rotating the screen. A bit tedious but i guess it will work until i get the replacement phone. (still on back order???)
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    If you have the landscape email patch installed, you can tip the phone and then the airplane will be pressable....if you don't have the patch installed. You can open the email app and type RocknRollHax to enable landscape email.
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    Tried the RocknRollHax but when i reply a new card opens that will not rotate. Can't install the patch, see above.

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