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    hey all, new user here that needs some help.

    i linked my google account with my phone so i could get all my contacts in it but for some reason it linked a bunch of talk profiles of people that i had made purchases on ebay with. now when i try to delete them my phone says "google talk profiles can not be deleted" i have no idea what to do. i made sure they were no longer anywhere in my google contacts when i logged in on my laptop but the phone didnt update. i completely took the google sync off my pre and it took all of my contacts off my phone but left all the google talk profiles i didnt want. how the hell do i get these people off my phone that i never wanted on? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks all.
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    no more worries. i was able to get all the google talk profiles off my phone. much better now!
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    how did you do it????
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    how do you do it? I want to delte a facebook profle.
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    Hold down the orange or white key when you select the profile you want to delete. The phone will present you with an orange bar to delete or a gray bar to cancel.

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