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    My Pre + is 4.1. (I had to update it as soon as I received it in the mail) and I was thinking about trying the 800 patch using the EZ install.

    Any tips? Glitches/hiccups with the Verizon version?

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    nope all verison are the same when it comes to the 800mhz kernals. I was one of the beta testers for the sh version, and now that the ipk is out, its much easier and safer to install and unistall. Make sure you read the directions, but when it comes to issue most have not had any, just make sure you install the temp patch to make sure your phone dosent get too hot (usual it wont but for caution). Other than that no major issues so go ahead and upgrade your speed.
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    Can't seem to get it to work with the .ipk file...

    I sent it to the phone but the install code says file not found. At first I renamed it and it did the same thing. I went back and tried it with the original name and the same thing.

    I was using instructions for the .sh file but it should still work the same with the .ipk shouldn't it?

    I'm in developer mode and all that....
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    Got it. The freq says 800000 when I checked it.

    Seems to be a lot faster.
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    I want to say thanks to caj2008 for a great program and installation video. I was hesitant, but got my day 1 phone replaced (accelerator went haywire), so thought if I screwed it up, I could trade this out.

    First, love it, so much snappier. But wanted to let you know one problem I had that I figured out during installation and I think t-minus had above.

    I used WebOSQI, Tools, send file via /var/ . . ., then tried Tools / Linux with instruction with Install after entering the name of .ipk file. It couldn't find it, so did step 1 above. Noticed my phone had restarted, so I waited, rebooted again. Decided to type in codes to check speed in Linx, showed 800000, so removed and checked patches on Preware, its loaded.
    What I am getting around to is that using the .ipk seems to eliminate the second step under Linux, mine loaded, make it much easier and quicker, even for someone who knows nothing about programming.

    This is not a complaint, just an observation if others are having trouble. Just enter the speed request and check first.

    One question for you, what might cause the phone to overheat? Is it continued long use, downloads, tethering, pandora (long uses for music)? Anything specific to possibly not use in order to prevent overheating and enjoying the speed??? As an example, I am what I would call a casual user of basic phone functions, don't tether much, will listen to music player, but don't spend extended times on line, no facebook, twitter, etc. In other words, if I am going to be doing much online, I use my computer's big screen vs Pre.

    Thanks for a wonderful program, I am planning on contributing, can't imagine the time and commitment.
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    OMG i just installed the 800 patch on my pre (verizon) and its freakin flyin!! 3 hours on so far and no problems or overheating (no alarm from the temp patch and it actually feels cooler than before). the next couple of days will tell, but this is the way every phone should work!! great job and thanks to the developers!! definitely will donate!
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    Just installed the 800mhz patch along with the CPU Ultimate scaler. Awesome duo!! The speed is incredible, but I'm afraid that my battery is draining a little faster, which is not good for an already poor battery life....Extended battery here I come!!
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    I installed the 800MHz patch 48 hrs. ago. It runs great with no heat or battery issues. In fact, battery life is much better.
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    Lol I think Caj wrote himself a program to send him an alert on his Pre everytime someone asks a question about the 800mhz patch.

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