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    I took the battery out and put it back in. This freaked me out...anyone know what this means??
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    Never saw that I have only a question mark and a low battery error sounds interesting too bad you didn't take a picture would like to see it
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    After replacing the battery it showed up again. Then after about 2-3 minutes it looks normal. Screen background was black, scull and crossbones were white. Some movement in the bottom jaw asthough it was laughing...i'll report back after i try to call, text and browse.
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    Is there a custom theme installed it sounds like a very strange issue that palm wouldn't have installed
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    Yes, preware theme.
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    Could be part of the theme's custom boot image try just letting it boot as normal
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    Hmmmm. Maybe, but it usually shows a boot image that looks like you're looking through a key hole at a vintage pin-up image. I'll reboot and see because there was an update for it in preware today...
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    Ok, it looks like that's what it is. It's "new" restart/boot image. Freaked me out! Thanks 063 xobx for *talking me down*
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    No need to post thanks theres a button for that but sure I'm here to help
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    had same issue ty for teh post

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