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    There's no Data Connection on my phone. I see it in the drop down menue, and have toggled it ON. However, I'm seeing no bars. My wifi works. Of course, as a result, I can't receive any phone calls or texts, and I can't make them either.

    Any suggestions, or should I need to 'Doctor' it?
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    ok, the Data connection is for... Data, the phone radio is to get calls and sms. You can have phone and no data and still make and receive calls and sms.

    Open the phone app, tap on the menu and enter preferences.

    Go to network, check that your network type is on auto and data connection is on.

    as for the phone, disable airplane mode
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    Well, I'm the Phone Preferences but it reads: "You need a network connection to your wireless service provider to see Phone Preferences." So I have no opportunity to check the network.

    When it reads 'wireless service provider', well the wifi is working.

    In addition, the airplane mode was never engaged.

    So what gives?
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    turn on airplane mode, wait a minute, then turn it off. This sometimes reconnects a phone. Next, turn device on and of by holding on button & selecting option to turn device off. If neither works make sure it is not an issue with your local cell. Get a friend on same network to come & see whether their phone is working.

    I would take to for exchange if m friend had a decent signal since it is likely a hardware problem

    Hope this helps!

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    yeah, seems like an internal hardware problem, stick another sim in it also. But I'd go through the exchange route.

    I thought you had cellular signal om your phone, but I misread, sorry
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    Thanks. I'm on chat w/ Palm. I'm starting to think it's a hard ware issue as well.

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