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    Hi, I have been dealing with filecoaster for a few days now and when i open it it loads and then it gets stuck and doesnt "rotate" anymore and thats it, nothing will load no programs or anything, any suggestions? Thanks
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    Mine did that after one of the updates, did nothing, I just deleted and never reloaded. It was so useful at first, but with the improvements in Palm Central you can see anything, Preware reviews and loads, so never missed it.
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    mine did that after the 1.4 and updates but i just kept trying to boot it and it finally did after a few days and device restarts. i lost preware when i bricked the old pre so i cant reinstall the preware till i get the 3.2 WOSQI to work properly on the kids stupid pc. my mac isnt intel duo so i cant do the java 6 thats required or i'd have this all cleared up long time ago. i did use the filecoaster to get a bunch of aps back that i lost on the brick. dont give up on it. it WAS the mothership of this whole thing remember? still has uses. same aps as preware and preload mostly. just no patches.

    good news! after trying several different techniques to get the webos qi and preware installer to work on my new pre i managed to trick it into installing and now i am sooooooo happy happy happy. i'm going to post the tips/tricks to solve the pkgmgr and webosinternalz errors, that worked for me, in more appropriate spot for the info. search my name if you need the tips too.
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