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    I have an original Palm Pre (not the Plus) on Sprint. I just got a netbook and want to tether my Pre to it. It's the first time I've ever looked into tethering so I have a few stupid newbie questions about the process. (Yes I saw a lot of info in the forums but it's not clear to me which is "current" info.)

    - Can I tether my non-Plus Pre to my netbook on Sprint?

    - Can I tether it using a USB cable instead of doing it wirelessly? I'm guessing the wired connection would be faster/more reliabe, right? I would only need to tether the one netbook so I figured wired would be the better way to go. Can I just use the supplied USB charging cable?

    - What is the simplest/best way to tether it? Should I use pay for the My Tether app? I don't mind a little hacking but I'd prefer the simplest solution even if I have to pay for it.

    - Anything else I should be aware of?

    I don't plan on using it to download huge amounts of data, I just want basic web access on my netbook when I am sitting on a bus or train commuting.

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    yes you can tether a non-plus pre
    yes you can tether via usb and it's a lot easier to set up
    And you should avoid using the internet too much so they don't get suspicious if your data usage suddenly spikes
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    Wow, that was pretty easy; thank you both! I'm only getting around 750 kbps download speed, but it's enough for me to do basic things on the web. I wonder if it would be faster if I use a USB cable. Connecting it via USB to my netbook didn't seem to make any difference (which I guess is not surprising as I doubt the Mobile Hotspot app supports USB tethering.) I'll poke around some more on the forums.

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