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    dnt restart, no need. Type services in task manager search bar then search for palm novacom i think aand hit restart m8
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    hey... my phone auto updated to 1.4.1 from 1.4... i had many patches installed which i have now updated...but... i also had the 1.4 800mhz patch installed using the wosqi method.... what do i do now? i didnt uninstall it it just updated with no notice.... im fairly certain that its no longer running at 800mhz any more? how do i get it back to 800mhz? and how do i check what speed it's running at? thanks
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    Tested the new 800MHz ipk, scaling_cur_freq says "800000," so it looks like we're good.

    What's the word on power governing, like the (currently-unusable) SmartReflex patch? Or is that not needed with this patch?
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    EDIT: you will bork/cook/fry/brick your pre if you try this. i guarantee it. You WILL have to go see the doctor.

    I was ssh'ing into the phone and running the script through sh before. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and rebooted until my battery died at work. I'm home from work now and have access to my linux box. I'm seeing now that the problem is that it can't find arch/arm/boot/uImage to copy from the tar. I saw the error every time i tried it. I went to the kernel dir and /boot/uImage wasn't there. I pasted the relevant command from the script and it manually extracted everything and it put it where it was supposed to be. I copied the kernel image to the boot dir, ran the sed line on LunaSysMgr, and i now have BogoMIPS : 796.91
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    Quote Originally Posted by ujsc View Post
    said the man with an agenda
    The intent of my post was to report an unofficial indication from a Palm engineer that the stock kernel from 1.4.0 is (as far as he knows) the same as the stock kernel released for 1.4.1(.1) so that we can take that information and then tell people that they can confidently use Marco's old 1.4.0 kernel replacement (cause the source code for 1.4.1 is not available yet, so a new one cannot be built by Marco) and not have to be worried that there might be some difference in the new stock kernel that could cause subtle weird problems.

    So the post was meant to reassure people that using the old kernel on 1.4.1(.1) seems to be a safe enough thing to do for the interim period until Palm releases the source code for the new kernel.

    Of course, it's an unofficial indication based on recollection, so we won't know for sure until caj2008 and marco get the latest kernel source code and can take a look at it.

    -- Rod
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    so u are running the 800kbs ipk file, thts strange, wrking for some and not for others, so it cant be a misspelling in the code?

    i have just installed the file on webos 1.4.1 and it seems to be working flawlesly, with temps of 36 lol, i must have a good pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Thanks Mike (files sent)

    If you had "600 MHz issue" please send me your email by PM so I can have you test a new ipk that corrects potentially what we believe is a communication related issue resulting in what you saw. I would like to correct problem today and since I never saw it, I need people who did observe it
    NEW IPK fixes it. Thank you for your diligence, patience, and hard work.

    root@palm-webos-device: cat /proc/cpuinfo
    Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l)
    BogoMIPS : 717.22
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    can you put a link up for the new patch, pleaseeee
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    so what was wrong with the patch caj2008?
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    When I started the kernel project, I didn't realize how much effort it was going to be for Marco and myself. This was supposed to be a hobby but quickly became a liability in terms of cost and time.
    These guys absolutely deserve thanks and donations for the time and effort they have put into developing and deploying and supporting this.

    -- Rod
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    wish i could have been home to help squash this bug. They won't let me have a linux box at work, and while the terminal app on the phone has saved my tail SEVERAL times, it's tough to troubleshoot on.
    I never downloaded the ipkg, but i am guessing that the problem was the same.
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    So if I just installed the 800 sh file and it is running OK, should I bother uninstalling and going the IPK route instead?
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    I have the same question I am running the 800mhz through the sh file on 1.4.1 with no issues. I understand that the ipk is a easier method to install and unistall the kernal. Is it ok to keep the sh file, over the ipk. Also I would like to add to please donate to caj, jason and every other developer when you can due to the hard work that they do for the community. So keep that in mind when you have complaints, and concerns. Also remember that he did post a warning stating that whatever happens to your phone is unfortunatly on you when dealing with kernals, hacking and such so take note. Again thank you for the hard work, and i will donate as soon as I can.
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    if it works stay with it, make a spreadsheet though if you can and post results

    ok @ caj
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Well tell me if there is any new issues, I will listen. Links are back up (he says with his eyes shut)
    The ipk (md5 9A9AF38D9C046285A249C335E6A1FDA2) still fails for me, as does the sh.

    Is there supposed to be an error when looking for boot/uImage?