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    Has anyone used overclock with the new bug fixes? How is it?
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    maybe, my pre updated last night and the 800mhz patch wasnt removed :-( I didnt want to update, but it did it on its own.
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    I was holding out on updating it, but did not do the Linux configuration to stop auto update, and as a result my pree did it on its own when i was sleeping last night. haven't checked the processor speed yet to see if my 800 patch is still working, but it still feels like it is and very fast.
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    I'm using the 600 Mhz patch. I think it's the safest for now as that's the only thing recommended by the devs for now.

    I think the speed is great. I don't know how 800 Mhz can improve the speed as this is the fastest my Pre has ever been, but it would be nice to have it running 800 Mhz!
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    I was forced in to updating last night cause i didn't do the Linux command to stop the update, but once i had woken up and found that my phone had updated it self i had reinstalled the 800 patch and i am flying on my phone, and to tell you the truth i think my pre is running cooler then just stock kernel
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    Done and working
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    Posted in main thread too

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