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    go to the sprint website (Sprint - has moved. Please update your bookmarks), login and there's a section on usage summary per month on the online bill, i use wifi at home but 3g everywhere else including pandora/grooveshark on the road (2-3hours a day), I average about 1-2gigs
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    I'm using it now. I better not get an extra charge for this ****, that's all I know. My *** they don't know about tethering even before the phone arrives for them to start selling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikedoubleg View Post
    shared connection. watched online videos (southparkstudios, youtube, spankwire...). Online music as i suck as a dj so i use online radio. You upload some projects download some projects and you easily go over 5gb.
    Ha Ha, spankwire. I don't watch that stuff. I don't even know what that is.
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    hey can any one give me a hand with tethering wirelessly,...i dont mind paying for the app or donate for the help
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    i used the pdanet on my treo for a few months and i was online for HOURS at a time several times a day. they never said a word and the service would stay connected perfectly for the entire time. now we have the webos that is ONLINE 24/7. how could anyone tell if someone wanted to tether or not? look at the data hours/size on your latest bill. its amazing!
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    If Sprint really wanted to know all they would have to do is determine which port the phone is using to access the internet.
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    Could someone point to a link that shows me how to tether.. Can I tether off of a 1x signal.. If so how.. I am moving back to the country and really don't want to invest in a satellite dish for internet
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    my plan actually includes PAM since im on a 3rd party dealer plan. but many of my friends and family memebers that are no on "special" plans and have no way to add teathering so they have been doing it (not abusing it) for at least 2 years with no negatives to report
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    My wife's BlackBerry (from Sprint) has a tethering app in their catalog for $50. Why would they allow this to be in their app catalog if they didn't allow it?
    FWIW....PDANet and another app called EasyTether are both in the Android Market on my Moment.
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