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    Hey yall,

    Just currious if anybody out there using "The Missing Sync" by Mark/Space can verify that it backup and sync's SMS's. I'v been doing research and some people in reviews says it does, but Mark/Space's own website dosn't have it in the features list.

    Anybody know as a matter of fact? Any general reviews of the program good or bad?


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    Hi, I'm not sure whether MS has any SMS managing options as this info is not listed at their websitte, but if you have WM5, 6, 6.1 or 6,5 phone, you can try SyncMate. Free Edition allows vewing SMS on your Mac, and Expert edition offers more options of SMS managing (creating, sending, deleting, exporting and even searching through them on your Mac).
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    Missing Sync for Windows Mobile will sync SMS messages to the SMS Log app on the Mac, as well as a number of other things like the contacts, events, and call log.

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