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    I just purchased a Pre two days ago...its the verizon version...I want to customize the phone and settings, but I don't see a main menu that you can do all of that in...I have to type "preference" for anything to come up...i want all of these settings and such on my launcher menu...can anyone tell me how to do that? i've been watching constant videos on youtube and it seems that sprint verison has all of this on the main menu...did verizon forget something on my phone??? help please!! I'm sure this is simple for you guys, but i'm slowly learning...this is my first smart phone.
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    There is no such thing as a separate main menu. You should find settings apps on the last page of your launcher.
    Sounds and Ringtones, for example, lets you change exactly what you think.

    Protip: Settings specific to any certain function or app can almost always be accessed by swiping down from the upper-left corner of your screen - where the little tab displaying the app name resides. So, for example, the downswipe dropdown menu in your Phone app will let you set stuff like caller-ID, mailbox number or roaming. In Messaging, the same app menu will let you specify SMS ringtones. Email ringtones in Email, and so on.

    And don't worry about asking - there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers

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