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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilthePilot View Post
    A nice feature when I pull over to text at night.
    Two ways to rectify that problem

    1) dont text while driving

    2) Download the brightness Unlinked App
    You can adjust the brightness of teh screen and keyboard individually
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    Quote Originally Posted by blacknight07607 View Post
    Two ways to rectify that problem

    1) dont text while driving
    Never going to happen lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayphoonstar View Post
    I'm on Verizon and the update also fixed my keyboard issues.
    My problems have decreased, but i still get the occasional double letter.
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    I just had pushed to me and it has sped things up incredibly. GPS seems more accurate as well
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    I have had problems with this update: When it completes I have no apps except those that come default. I cannot download apps: error-too many apps. delete some apps and try again. But there are no apps. Also, periodiccally, the touch screen gets "ghost fingers" and just goes nuts. Opening cards, making calls, minimizing etc. Any ideas? Running WebOSDoc back to 1.3.5 (all I could find) fixes all but the Ghosts.
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