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    Hi all, I have just looked thru all of the app from preware but i still couldn't find an application that allows me to look at my ip cameras at home.. I am just wondering if i have just missed it or there isn't one that's available?

    if there is no app avail, can any one suggest an app that would allow me to view rtsp video streams? thanks very much.
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    I've been using YawCam but their site seems to be down. It streams nicely to my Pre.

    I'd check out these also:



    My WebCam Broadcaster

    Vitamin D

    I'm lucky that my latest ip webcam came with its own server that works with the Pre.
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    Hey Mannyman, thanks for your reply, but what I mean is if there are any apps on the palm pre that will let me look at my home camera like this one on the Android where it'll allow me to view my camera plus do some pan tilt as well. w*
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    WebcamXp is not native but has pan tilt zoom function that actually controls my Rovio, plus supports many other cameras too.

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    I am looking the same app. My IPCam have a .jar file for any mobile but try to run directly in my palm pre is impossible
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    I use Mobiscope and it works great on the Pre. Oh, you have to run it through classic

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