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    OK, so I haven't found this problem anywhere... So, if its posted and I just missed it, I'll be happy enough with a re-direct...

    The last time I synced my music files to my Pre, something strange (and incredibly annoying) happened. A good number of songs are showing up as "Unknown Artist/Album."

    I've gone through the music with a fine tooth comb and I can't figure it out. The music is all formatted the same way. Windows shows the same type of song information for the songs that "work" and the songs that "don't work." And the music is organized in the same folder structure for both the "working" and "non-working" songs.

    To clarify, "working" vs. "non-working:" All of the songs play, but the information from the ID3 tags is not being categorized for quite a few of the songs.

    Some of the songs that are having problems were imported using iTunes (although I don't currently have iTunes on the PC) and others were imported using Windows Media Player. There may even be one album that was imported using CDex. And, other albums that were imported to the PC using similar methods are showing up fine.

    Any thoughts or ideas? Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

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    SEARCH "UNKNOWN ARTIST". There is a thread about using Media Monkey to tag the song to make the PRE recognize it.

    Good luck.
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    Awesome, thanks! And so far Media Monkey seems to rock pretty hard, as well.
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    Same here. Media Monkey saved my day.

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