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    Is a message that we people who ´have imported a pre (or bought one from a vendor in our country) and are living in an "unsupported" country are greeted with even when trying to download free apps since version 1.3x.

    Is there anyway of getting the ipk files from somewhere else than app cat?
    Ipk fetcher doesnt work afaikafaikafaik.

    I live in SWEDEN - i have full support here for my phone but it hasnt been released here officially and app catalogue doesnt work at all. Not even through preware.

    Palm support says that they have no information on when it should be available here =(

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    Don't keep your hopes to high - if unofficial countries not even get the free apps, what would make you think that they would get payed apps???
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    I'm unofficial with 400 free apps in my AppCat.
    In the UK they have approx. 500 free apps.

    How did you do it then? pm if needed.
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    Really, y would palm do that is beyond imagination. As if the need to limits the numbers of their customers...

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