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    This small rant is directed to people who install patches, tweaks, or rooted changes to thier phone, have problems, then blame the developer. In reading the looooong threads that go with the 800 MHz kernel mod and some of the other ones, with very few exceptions, those that have problems didn't follow the instructions to the letter. I have like 35 patches (I know that is not anywere near the record, but I think it is more than most) and a couple of rooted tweaks and have had no problems. I will make a couple of very good suggestions (IMO) that I have found to have a trouble free device even with lots of mods:
    1. keep a document/list of all your mods, apps, patches, etc. so that if/when you have to doctor, you can easily reconstruct all of your stuff.
    2. Whe you install extreem stuff like the 720/800MHz stuff or the roots to boost your phone speed or make your GPS stand alone, doctor your phone first. It will give the new mods a fresh and clean install for the stuff to work smoothly.(I did this on the 800MHz kernel mod and it has been flawless.)
    3. Lastly, but certainly not least, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! I know sometimes the instructions are a little vague, but when in doubt PM the developer and ask. They are generally more than willing to help. Along that line, my last suggestion it to DONATE!! These guys and gals work very hard mostly just because they are cool and like to do it, buth thier time is valuable and our devices would not be as fun or cool without them. Goodnight and goodluck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    This is not a rant. It's common sense and good advice.
    Except for point 2...doctoring your phone is usually not necessary to install any mods....even the 800 kernel. That's overkill to say the least. Unless you've totally borked your device by installing one theme over another (or other stupid s*** like that) doctoring is a LAST RESORT as you will lose all saved info for games & most programs.
    If "If's" and "But's" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas!

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    I don't have any problem doctoring, thus the list. It takes a while, but I think helps in teh long run. Hell doctoring prior to the 800 MHz install was recommended in the instructions.
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    Well, likewise for anything like the 720/800 Mhz kernel mods you should also be required to take a primer tutorial on Linux.

    I still just cannot believe all the people who are willing to do this kind of stuff to their phone -- just blindly typing in commands -- and then complain when something they tried to run did not work.

    I realize most people live in a Windows world, and most don't even know about the Windows CMD prompt, much less how to do command line Linux. But sheesh, not even knowing how to list files in a directory, not knowing that Linux is case sensitive, not knowing the the "slashes" need to be forward slashes instead of backslashes, not know what is meant by /var/home/root, etc.

    Oh well, glad unixpsycho and caj are willing to help out those who do not know much!!
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    caj2008, I am glad you mentioned the themes. It seems to me a lot of problems are with conflict between themes and patches and the instalation of same. I for one won't ever have a theme. I know it is possible to have smooth working phone with both, but it seems to me they are more problems than they are worth.
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    You are rite about following directions,I currantly am only running 56 patches on my first pre since it's release backin June,and w/help from precentral & being a donar I'm able to keep my pre tuned perfectly to my preffs.READ&FOLLOW DIRECTIONS

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