Hi there all im new here and im a big fan of palm since they started the amazing WebOS.
Im from United Arab Emirates, and to be exact (Dubai). ive been wanting a palm pre for so long and they didnt launch here yet so i figured ill order an unlocked pre, but before doin that i thought i must ask.

My first question is do i get a unocked palm pre now ? or do i wait for the palm pre plus and by coming soon anyone has an idea when ?

My second question, are there any factory unlocked palm pre ? or pre plus wen it arrives ?

My second third is wen r we gna see an unlocked palm pre plus ? (wen its launched by at&t or couple of months later ?)

My fourth question is will the app catalog work here in Dubai wen i get it ?

The problem is i love the phone and im the type of guy who keeps on trying phones, i tried everythin so far from nokia to iphone to samsung and i didnt really feel settled and comfortable with any now, some maybe nice to use but still not as useful, wen palm pre came it changed all that, ive watched tons of reviews and made sure that its the phone that meets my requirments so far thats why i want it so bad.

please help me im confused in my choice and thanx.