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    Just got my new Pre Plus. It's having an issue reading some pdf's. Is PDF View 1.0 the only reader available for Pre Plus?

    Doesn't seem like PDF View 1.0 can support older security pdf's...Adobe Reader version 6

    Kinda surprised that the Pre offers such a limited function pdf reader on the Pre Plus.

    Is there a better pdf viewer out there for Pre Plus?

    How can I get rid of PDF View 1.0?
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    I am wondering the same thing - I have not had problems opening any pdf's yet but have only had the phone a month, but the zoom feature is so limited it is useless for detailed pdfs such as maps. The recent update seems to have improved the zoom slightly but still not enough. I know the Pre does not have many apps but I would have thought a highly functional pdf reader would be high on the list! Anyone?

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