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    Trying to figure out this problem, I've tried searching with no luck.

    The ringer works, the "woosh" when I close a card works, the phone vibrates when I receive a text - but the tone that used to play when I got a text is gone.

    I've looked in the sounds menu and found nothing. Anyone have a solution for this?
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    Just figured out (by trying to use speaker phone) that my external speaker has apparently taken a dump.

    Sigh. Here comes Palm Pre #4. I can't wait for the Evo.
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    you may be stuck in headset mode.

    open pandora, or music a song.

    from there: plug in a wired headset and forcefully pull it out. (keep plugging in and out to snap it out of headset mode)
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    usually i just plug in the headset and start playing music and turn it off then unplug it but it works differently for different phones i guess lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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