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    I just purchased my pre plus last week! I love it and there is sooo much to learn!

    Here's my yahoo question:
    I have a personal yahoo email account and a yahoo small business email that is linked to my yahoo id. I have no problems accessing my regular email account.

    For the small business account that is linked to my yahoo id, I am no longer receiving notices that the password is not recognized, but no emails are coming in or being recognized as new. I have successfully sent an email from my pre plus from this email address but cannot receive emails to my pre plus.

    My login settings are as follows:
    Mail Type: IMAP
    Incoming Mail server:
    SSL encryption
    993 Port #

    Am I using the correct mail server?

    Since I'm able to send emails and confirm they are received, I believe my outgoing info is good:

    What am I doing wrong on the incoming side?? Please help!

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    It's only '''' and ''''
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    thanks for the quick response. I made the change but I still am not receiving emails. I can still send emails.
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    have you done a search on the forums first?
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    yes - I've searched previous threads and have tried the various combos of settings. I checked out the link above and still no emails.
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    Your original post states you're trying encryption, but I don't see any web sites that state encryption is supported by "regular" Yahoo email accounts, only with the Plus accounts. Maybe post ALL your settings so we can see what might be wrong.

    And I'm not sure that Yahoo supports IMAP mail (some sites say yes; some say no). Try POP?

    Just saw this:

    And I see someone got it working with these settings:
    * Yahoo!Mail
    * 993
    * yes
    * 465
    * yes
    * no
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    Have you tried deleting the account and creating it again?

    And the mail type Change it to POP.
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    search for my thread 'yahoo mail on pre'

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    with webOS 1.4 it should work automatically !!!

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!

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