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    I loathe the Pre calendar so I downloaded a calendar that runs in classic apps. Now I have to figure out how to sync this calendar, which runs in classic. Has anyone else attempted this? Does anyone know if it is possible to put a classic app on the launcher?

    Does anyone know if Palm is going to add categorization to their current calendar?

    I can sync various calendars to get events in color, but I'm also getting multiple duplicates of each event.

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    Classic apps will sync with PalmOS, not with WebOS apps. However, you could use GooSync to sync the calendar to Google and then into the Pre. Maybe.
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    I do a WiFi HotSync from Classic to Palm Desktop 6.x.

    By the way, I found out the hard way that Classic doesn't save data in the PIM databases until you exit whatever app uses those databases. So make sure after you enter data that you exit back out to the menu to force a save. I emailed Motion Apps about it and they know.
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    I have tried a bunch of calendars; outlook, google, datebook6 - none of them give me the simple function I have come to rely on and I have multiple duplicates, issues with getting events on all calendars - I am considering going back to my Centro if Palm does nothing to improve the calendar.

    I find it frustrating that they initially targeted the phone to mothers but don't give us the opportunity to color code events by person or appointment type in the new calendar version when all previous versions had this function.

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