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    Just wondering what you guys are going with? 720 or 800mhz and why?

    Just from quickly looking i see alot of people are going with the 720 and i was questioning the reasoning for this.

    Is it a very noticable speed change from 720 to 800? Is it a much larger risk from 720 to 800?

    Thank to replies in advance
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    I went with the 800 MHz as it's faster (duh) and battery life seemed to be better than 720 MHz in the spreadsheets I reviewed. In short, it performed better all around.

    I suspect people are choosing 720 MHz because they're being cautious while still getting a substantial performance increase.
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    I went with 800 as well. I haven't decided if it's going to be permanent yet. I want to see how my Pre holds up stability-wise (no lockups for more than a day of use) and battery-wise before deciding for good.

    But I figure if it can survive the 800 one for more than a few days, and if the battery isn't hurt too much, then I'll stay with that. Otherwise, then I'll try the 720.
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    I went with 800 because faster is better and the pre was in need of a push.
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    800. Why? "If you ain't first, you're last"- Ricky Bobby...
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    One Question: Isn't it dangerous for the CPU? The last CPU-Patches reduced the life of the battery...
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    800, Pres are pretty cheap now a days.
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    Yes. Whenever the cpu is being over clock you run that risk. But I can tell you, it's a risk well worth taken. My phone is fast and every responsive. Apps open almost instantaneously.
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    I chose the 800MHz for the performance aspect. Does the phrase "A candle that burns twice as brights only burns 1/2 as long" take effect (referring to the battery)... I haven't seen any obvious signs that the phone is draining any faster than normal.

    The speed is incredibly faster than the 600MHz patch. I do still notice a slight lag with some programs but it's nothing that phases me.

    The fact of the matter is, both have been tested and both seem to be "safe". You have to remember that these patches were tested, retested and tested again before release. So the safety factor has been put into effect with making sure these patches are fine to use.
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    why not??
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    80 more mhz couldn't possibly put that much more stress on the pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by backfire103 View Post
    80 more mhz couldn't possibly put that much more stress on the pre.
    it's an additional 11%, which is not insignificant (whether it makes a difference in the real world remains to be seen).
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    It's like asking me why my guitar amp goes up to 11.... well because... its 11!!! it's louder than 10
    Why did you install 800....well because...its faster than 720 :=)
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    800 is real nice, no heat issues, battery seems fine with moderate use so far, and if I brick it, I can get a new phone. Who really cares, we all love new phones
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    I use my phone first with 720 Mhz for a while. Its fast enough, because it was a new phone on 500 mhz. Its amazing now.

    Perhaps the lower speed (<800) will prevent some issues. When all works fine Im going to test the 800 Patch. But not yet

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    I went with 800Mhz, I figured either one may decrease the lifespan of my phone but an additional 80Mhz (in this case) doesn't seem to add too much heat so it shouldn't shorten the lifespan much more but the extra speed is nice.
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    720MHz. For reasons of battery life.
    August 2009 - January 2011. Thank god I'm no longer a Pre user!

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    octoberorange is scared of life!
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    I went with 720 MHz as a compromise between speed and battery life. If I notice that I don't have a problem with the battery life at this speed, I will bump it up to 800 MHz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by octoberorange View Post
    720MHz. For reasons of battery life.
    Do you have anything that shows you any difference in battery life between the two?
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