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    It shows this
    root@palm-webos-device: ls /var/home/root/
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    Quote Originally Posted by sergio_sss View Post
    "@checho_dallas am in the UK & got my Pre offlne. So no replacements for me" I'M WAITING ON HIS RESPONSE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED GOT ME WORRIED NOW!!!!.
    I think you read his post wrong. He was purely saying that he bought the Pre off of someone so he thinks he'd be ineligible for a replacement Pre. If you notice in his feed he continues posting via Twee and Tweed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    No, the device in the Pre is rated by the manufacturer at 600MHz. There is a high-speed grade version of the same chip available which is rated for 720 MHz operation, but that chip is not in the Pre.

    Now remember these are manufacturer guaranteed specifications, so any particular device that comes off the fab should meet or exceed these specs. By how much a particular device might exceed specs without logic errors or speed paths is of course not known (other than by experimentation on your particular device).

    -- Rod
    see, thanks.
    still, with the 800 MHz patch mine did freeze a lot, with the 720 it works flawlessly it seems. And if it dies, I buy another one, period
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    The download links are broken??

    Can't find the patch anywhere...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gun Ecstasy View Post
    The download links are broken??

    Can't find the patch anywhere...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonkenney86 View Post
    it just takes me to mediafires homepage. Other mediafire links work, just not these two. Could someone upload to MU pls
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucki View Post
    It shows this
    root@palm-webos-device: ls /var/home/root/
    if you ran the doctor on your phone or partial erased or ran webos repair in override mode or anything like that you will have to resend the kernel file to your phone in order to uninstall. I did that to my phone. Be aware if you messed up on the name when you typed it in too install you will have to type the exact same thing in to unonstall as well. Just some pointers. lol

    also are you actually still running on webos ?
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Sounds good!! Looking foreward to it..!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucki View Post
    It shows this
    root@palm-webos-device: ls /var/home/root/
    Try this:

    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall

    See what that does.
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    I have a general question for those of you running the patch/assisted with the creation.

    I installed the temp monitor, and I notice that I am getting warnings that I am exceeding the 40C threshold when my Pre is on the Touchstone.

    I am really interested in trying the 720 patch, but based on my high touchstone temps (I have the TS in the car, and use my Pre for all my car based audio...) should I maybe hold off? This is a replacement Pre that I have had only a couple of weeks, and has been doing the spontaneous reboots since I got it.

    I was planning on doing a full Doctor this weekend to take it back bone stock and then add just the essential mods. I will monitor the temps from there, and hopefully my reboots and over-temps will go away. But I fear that it will still run hot on the TS. Thoughts on going for the overclock?
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    @ caj2008.

    When the new update comes out, Presumably 1.4.1. will this "patch" still work or will you need to tweak it for the new update? Great job on this! Works like a charm and I can't image my pre without this.
    - Skinneejay -
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    it's because you have 1351 it should be 14
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    Caj, could you remove the links from your first post and replace them with that message?
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    Here is my findings on the overclocking:

    First about the temperature. My device has always been piping hot when on the touchstone, I think the overclocking just made people aware of it. When I first overclocked the device I noticed my battery dieing ultra fast and he device was warmer then usual. HOWEVER, after several reboots and a couple days it seems as though the palm has self regulated and the heat and battery life have returned to normal, the speed is still there however.

    Second battery life. I noticed battery life gets better after a couple of days. But I have noticed an increase in speed in which the battery charges. Anyone else notice this (could also be the cause of the extra heat in the touchstone)?

    Third web surfing. I have also noticed that not only does applications run faster and smoother, web browsing is much faster. So apparantly the speed issue was not internet speed, but rendering. Probably obvious, but still wanted to make a note.

    Conclusion: If you do overclock, please give it several reboots and several days before you make your decision on whether to keep it. This patch takes this phone to another level, now I just need to find a better battery...
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    i think ill be keeping it uninstalled, great patch guys but the battery drain is crazy.

    When uninstalling, do I just do everything in that video, but with 'uninstall' at the end instead of 'install'?
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    800 mhz all night and everything is solid. it's like a whole new phone! all the stuttering and struggling to load data and display graphics are gone!

    battery drain isn't important as I am plugged in most of the time. i'll install a toggle patch if i need to conserve life but i'll probably just go out any purchase another battery.

    thank you for your great work!
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    cant wait for the .ipk haha this is going to kick but any plans for also putting something like this in the works for the pixi? I have both the pre and pixi lol
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    I can confirm that using l337tech's app to "Set and Scale off" I am able to keep my pre on my touchstone for 3+ hours w/o the battery rising beyond 43c.

    Quote Originally Posted by the.teejster View Post
    My Pre continually goes beyond 45 degrees when on the touchstone using both the 800mhz and 720mhz patch, even when set to scale 250 ->720 or 250 ->800.
    And no, my email is set to check manually and I'm not using facebook, twitter or anything else that would cause my pre to be active.

    I'm now trying the l337tech scaler to set the cpu to default settings while on the touchstone to see if that keeps the heat to below 45. Hopefully that will work

    Since the Pre knows when it's on the Touchstone, Can a patch be written to scale the processor back while it's charging ?
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    with the ipk version... will it be available in preware thus removing the need to put the phone in developer mode and use the command line?
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    the above was only correct for

    i had to type in comand line:

    /var/home/root/ uninstall (because i am using webOS 1.4 w/ 800MHz patch)

    this did the trick...

    *(update: i'm sad not as fast anymore)

    Currently using: Sprint Palm Pre and Sprint HTC EVO 4G

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