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    I just installed the 720 patch and man is this thing fast! You guys deserve a serious pat on the back. Thanks for all your hard work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post

    I got it to work using Terminus, not recommended though. Follow instructions on first page.

    But I have to say I am astounded!

    Screaming Fast!

    I ran the benchmark and its listing me as 69% faster than all Pre browsers!

    is terminus working ok for 1.4? i just tried to use terminal for something and it just froze my pre and rebooted?
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    at what Temp should I be concern? I am at 39C at the moment...

    I need to know cause I am a pretty heavy user...

    running 800 mhz.... Damn this thing is fast...
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    submitted to preware yet?
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    @veedubb65 I did the same earlier. I even download to the patch straight to the folder using terminus. I didn't want to write this in the forum since caj specifically said to use WOSQI. I knew there would be people who would get confused and then screw up their phones and hate caj and unixpsyco.
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    @orizzle yeah i had the same problem with when i upgraded to 1.4. I got rid of terminal but terminus seems to work just fine.
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    You know what I like? Moving launcher icons around the page.
    So fluid, almost like water.
    Zip zip zip!

    Thank you.
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    Well everything is blazing fast and smooth but the initial temp drop was very short lived. As soon as I opened an app it climbed first to 40, then as I continued using it to browse web, check email, read the news on AP app etc.. it climbed to 50!!! All since my lats post, so over a very short period of time.

    I got nervous - I do not want to do damage. I put the phone in airplane mode hoping it would cool down.

    Should I uninstall? How hot is safe. I saw one of the creators posted he tries to stay below 45 but if it climbs to 50 so quickly than maybe I should not use it??? It would be such a shame to uninstall. Finally my Palm is working as it was meant to be. But if I am about to fry my Pre I don;t want to do that either.

    Is a temp of 50 safe? What are reasonable upper limits? What can I do to keep temp down or is it just that at my level of usage its not possible?

    BTW the phone was plugged in and charging (still is). Does that matter?

    I would be grateful for guidance.

    Thank you.
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    I have yet to try this an entire day, but I'm going to say that this patch If I may, is the better than the other one oh yay.
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    does this void your warranty from Sprint/Verizon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by prebulls View Post
    does this void your warranty from Sprint/Verizon?
    This t-shirt says it all.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    Can someone explain to me why my Pre is not any faster since installing this.

    Yes, I uninstalled the previous overclock patch, yes I did it right, and yes it says 800mhz when I check.

    It's not any all.
    Never got an answer for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unixpsycho View Post
    Did you uninstall the 720 before installing the 800?
    of course.
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    I wish I could install this and check out the goodness but WOSQI no longer works for me now that I am on Windows 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eXPerience333 View Post
    of course.
    I cant imagine it would do nothing? any output? paste what you get.
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    I'm getting an unable to open file error (error 5).

    Any help on this.I have both hand typed the command and also cut and paste. Originally the file was blocked via windows, I unblocked it. I will reboot again and see if that wasn't the issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
    I wish I could install this and check out the goodness but WOSQI no longer works for me now that I am on Windows 7.
    There is an ipk coming, no worries.

    Or quickly setup a VirtualBox XP VM. Thats what I use since I dont use Windows and need a VM for Windoze only programs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unixpsycho View Post
    I cant imagine it would do nothing? any output? paste what you get.
    it does nothing. I type the command, and it just... idk, it stares at me. Lol

    root@palm-webos-device: sh /var/home/root/ install

    this happens and nothing loads or changes. It just stays there. Doesnt say please wait, nothing -.-

    but its ok i reinstalled 720 again. Ima try 800 later. Thank you very much!
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    Just installed the 720 patch on my Sprint Pre with the Amzer 2800Mah Battery.

    In Soviet Russia, battery life drains you!
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    Holy turbo charger, batman

    This thing is flying. I currently have the siedio 1350mAh battery in, and it is running at 35c in full airplane mode. I;m going to power it down for a few minuts and see if it wakes up any cooler.

    Please insert a donate button. THis is amazing...

    Why the heck wouldnt Palm implement tis on 4every Pre that comes out of the factory???

    And we should all sneak in to Verizon stores and overclock the display units. That will keep the Droid fans guesing...

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