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    Holy S*** Batman, 800MHz rocks and cool running with little to no noticeable additional battery drain...

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    this 800 mhz patch that i added at 7am this morning is just effin amazing...its like a completely brand new phone!!

    2010-2011 Champions!

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    Installed. Mine rebooted on it's own. My first reaction is that this is awesome. When I hit the end button on a phone call, it actually reacts to my press in the same decade!
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    Fast I can actually listen to music and do something else productive on the phone at the same time........No lag lag no lag.....

    so far battery seems ok.....
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    With data and wifi turned off on my Pre I'm getting 0.7% battery drain per hour!!!
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    3 hours light usage, 800 mhz. this patch rocks!

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    Just applied the 800MHz patch, and it works great!
    Thanks much! It's amazing how much we have to do behind the scenes to make the Pre feel like a "real" smartphone with good capabilities, and how amazing it is once we do that.
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    Benchmark results for anyone who cares!

    Using Ars Technica's review of the Nexus One here for comparisons:

    Google at the crossroads: a review of the Nexus One

    After the 800mhz patch, the Pre gets:

    Sunspider: 13.6

    V8v3 Benchmark: 122

    As far as benchmarks go, that means the Pre is actually faster than the Nexus One, in some cases significantly so!

    On the downside, real-life browsing speeds seem far more on level, but consistently beat the droid and iPhone 3GS.
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    Anyone doubting the safety of the patches for the immediate future should go back and read the previous thread.

    If you don't trust the patch, that's fine; you spent your money on your Pre. However, injecting FUD by posting things like "I'm going to wait a few days to see if anyone's phone is fried" is doing a great injustice to the dozens of users who contributed hours of their time for FREE to test the patches. It's not as if some mad hacker whipped together a few lines of code one night and threw it into the wild.
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    Hmm Getting the Error 5 on the 800MHz patch like a few folks here. 720 Installed just fine. LOVE it. but man i would kill for those few extra cycles from the 800.

    Error 5 Pops up when you try to Send the file.
    Failed to read file.

    Seems odd. Hopefully someone will see the problem, I'll keep poking around to see if I can see anything that might be causing the error with the 800 patch.
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    I just installed the 720 patch and am very impressed. I doctored my phone for the 1.4 update and it had been running quite nicely already. This patch has noticably improved it even more. I'll monitor for a while and then consider the 800 version. Well done devs! Very well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOE-GUNZ View Post
    I have one question. Will it be hard to upgrade this for future OS updates?

    Like if they releases 1.4.1, how long will it take to see upgrade this patch?

    Just asking because I'm already in love with it and going back to the previous speed is like jumping back to the 70's from the 00's.

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    I'm loving my Pre. It's so fast and responsive. So far, I haven't notice any decrease in battery life.
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    Awesome thanks works great !!
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    It's running great. I used Pandora for about an hour while my Pre was in a case on my hip. I think it was running off wi-fi, but hard to tell because I was outside. Temp got to 39. Earlier in the day, I tested Pandora for about an hour at the 500mhz. Temp got to 37, but it was a little cooler earlier in the day. So I would say (unscientific) that there was hardly any difference in a cpu intensive app over 500mhz.
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    is there any way to install this without using QuickInstall? like terminal???

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    This is the first patch I have applied to the pre and it really is just awesome. The second time you load an app is where its really fast(like the video mentions). This is an even better phone now. Imagine if PALM also makes some of the code more efficient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Gamah View Post
    bah you guys are too convincing... I will install the 720 as soon as i hear from one pre plus user that has used either patch.
    If you haven't heard one already, I've been at 720 since 9AM this morning with no issues (although mostly my phone has been sitting on my desk unused).
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    is there anything like this for the pixi?

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