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    Just wanted to say THANK YOU to caj2008!! I've never installed anything other than a few homebrew apps before this. Yesterday I installed the 800ipk, battery temp, Luna and mobile Hotspot all in about 10 mins. What a HUGE difference 800mhz makes..! before this my phone was very sluggish. It would even lag dialing phone numbers. Now its wicked fast with no issues at all.

    One thing I'd suggest as a newbie - when I searched on how to overclock, all instructions were pointing on how to install via .sh files using the command line. I finally realized that all I needed to do was drag the IPK file into WebOs Quick Install, and click install, that's it! Couldn't be easier...
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    thanks... I got it installed and is so much better now
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    Hey, caj2008... I can't seem to erase the 800mhz ipk patch from preware,keep giving me an error. Ipk. I thought we were able to erase on preware,just like we do on webos quick install. Do shed some insight on this matter. I had a overheat issue today running the scaling app,and the 800mhz ipk patch. When I only have the 800mhz ipk patch on and playing nfs game,my device never got hot to the point to stop playing. Maybe on my phone they are not compatible. Running a webos doc,and only putting on the 800mhz ipk and play the game again and see what happen.
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    got the 800Mhz.. was working fine for a few days now touch screen not responding... dont know if is the patch or something else but looks like im gonna have to doctor and if that doesnt work return this POS phone
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    Does this help at all with the "too many cards" error.
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    btw this fix is AMAZING so far, so glad i took the time to do it!
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    I got the same thing. I think after a few reboots it magically came back.
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    I justed wanted to say thankyou thankyou thankyou. I just donated and I might do it some more. 800Mhz feels so good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    It is nice finally to have an ipk worthy of the application. We listened to everyones problems and solved problems seen in the community by an excellent collaboration of talented individuals whom I deeply respect.
    Thanks for the good job - absolutely awesome!

    How strong is the impact of the new kernal brew in regards of loss of processor hours? Will I harm the processor on a long-term base that it last not that long? Can you estimate the loss in working hours? I have something with 20.000 hours in mind...?!

    I don't want to destroy my device, because I had some pleasure with overclocking the device...
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    Jup, it works. To the point I wonder whether anybody had any real problems. I'm at 720 MHz and I love it.
    Gonna donate to both teams, thank you so much =)
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    Hi folks ! I am using now 720 Mhz patch and have Webos, works great, before i had 800 Mhz on 1.4 worked cool ! Now i want to upgrade to 800 again, and i saw that on 4/14 caj2008 mentioned that there were some updates made to the patches, can you please send the download link to them? Thanks !!!
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    i click the link to download kernal file it tells me file is private
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    Quote Originally Posted by mpooler5581 View Post
    i click the link to download kernal file it tells me file is private
    There are non-signature links in the 1st post.


    Just reinstalled the 800MHz kernel (Had it pre- and waited a bit to reinstall it) and it's running smooth as ever. Kudos all around!
    Chaos begets chaos...
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    That is shockingly annoying. Couldn't you have found some dead thread to do that it in instead of an active topic like this one. I mean really...

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    Could please anybody ban mpooler5581 from the forums?!
    This is absolutely no way of dumping a thread...

    Behave yourself, mpooler5581!
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    Had it on since the IPK was released, and no problems

    If anything, the battery life is improving the more I use it/longer it is on I have noticed.
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    i need this update
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    You guys rock! Donation on the way.
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    800mhz works great on my Pre+. Bought the CPU Ultimate Scaler and both are great. The phone works like it's supposed to. Don't hesitate to install both!!

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