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    I see from the MLB website that they now advertise that mobile gameday audio is available for the pre. I see no app in the catalog, however. Is there such an app? If not, how do you load/pay for the program to the pre? Thanks.

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    Gameday audio and a few extras are all part of Mobile Premium.
    However, I'd wait until opening day to pay anything becasue I'm not sure if this is worth it yet.

    I'm still not able to make the games come in audio even when there are links to the radio stations that are broadcasting.

    I think this mught be a Spring Training thing thatI'm over reacting to, but I'll keepo you posted.

    BTW, it's $15 and it's not an app, it's a service that you subscribe to for the year, or by month.

    There is an app by MLB but it's only for Droid, BB and iphone.

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    i signed up today and listened to the met game this afternoon audio was on low side but i put on a headset and it worked fine,

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    so it's not everyone!!!???!!!
    Well good for you but not for me!!!!

    I cant listen to them and it's ****ing me off.
    I've been able to get 2 out of probably 30 games thatI've tried randomly to listen to.

    Thjis isnt making sense to me.

    CAn anyone think of a setting thatI've got wrong or something?

    I'm able to see the video when it's there.

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    detroitwilly - I'm having the same problem, let me know if you find a solution... and I'll post on here if I find one!
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    MLB Mobile Premium is not ready for prime time.

    1) most "broadcast" games are not available
    2) no archive (only live games)
    3) extremely poor sound quality--even with headphones
    4) unless you constantly refresh the display, the signal is lost after a few minutes

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