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    Does anyone know how to make or change the time frame for text make it longer so i can use a bit longer tones?
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    Can you clarify what you talking about? Do you want longer ring tones?
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    I have longer ringtones. what i dont have is enough time to here them. For example i have 1 that say this msg will self detruct in 3 2 then stops when it should stop after the 321 boom>>>
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    In my experience ring-tones for text notifications will play the length of the file (which had been a criticism of webOS in the past). Perhaps they have changed something.

    Is it possible that webOS is somehow truncating the file when it is being played? If you test other (perhaps longer ring-tones) do they also get cut off after the same amount of time?
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    I have had other palm phones and like you said they would play out the whole file. on the pre it does not.

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