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    I moved all my pics and videos out of the 100Palm directory. Now my camera card loads faster and the pics are captured faster.
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    Where did you move them to? Or is that irrelevant in terms of the Pre's file management?
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    I created some additional folders in the DCIM directory. That seems to be sufficient.
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    hmmmm(rubs chin) I think I'll try this
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    Let me know if this helps you guys. I might give it a try if it helps other people.
    - Skinneejay -
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    you can move the photos to any folder on the Phone... I actually set up a "photos" folder on the root level of the phone (so a peer of the DCIM folder, not a subfolder) and move files to there. However, note that unless you have the improved filename patch, once you move you files, the phone will start to rename the photos using the same filenames as before.. So, I recommend jason's patches to help prevent any issues with duplicate filenames
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    I guess now is the time to add the obligatory YMMV

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