Recently my laptop's graphic card gave out so I was left with my Pre and my Ipod Touch. I write this today to share some tips and experiences I've had with just these 2 devices.

About 4 days ago I doctored my pre back to to take advantage of the 800mhz patch and everything was great except that Pandora for this version of webos is no longer available through the app catalog, now what. Thankfully a member of precentral provided me with the ipk but now how to install remember my laptop is not working. I fired up the terminal app and with instructions found here I installed directly from my pre.

I'm not sure if this has been discussed nevertheless I will share. If you guys have lighty Web server installed along with MHS you can browse files on your pre from your ipod touch or any device tethered through MHS. Just input the local ip of MHS such as and you're set. Hope this helps somebody or at least find it useful.