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    Looks like I got hit by the 1.4 overwrite bug. I've lost a picture that I really need back. Catch is, it's still my background, so it's got to be hiding somewhere. Anyone had any luck figuring out where that's stored in the active (default) theme?
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    I think you'll find that your file is hiding out in /media/internal/.wallpapers/

    It is a hidden folder and does include the . that I typed above. You may need to tell Windows to allow you to view hidden files.

    Hope you find it
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    !@#$. Thanks! I'm a Linux/Solaris admin by trade, connected via a Mac, and not once did I think to ls -al from the terminal homebrew or the Mac CLI.

    I should have plugged it in to my Linux workstation, never would have embarrassed myself on here... On the plus side I now realize how much is missing from my "drag and drop" backups of mine and my wife's phones.

    Jo thanks you too.

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