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    So, after 6 months I finally have to replace my pre due to a broken power button. I get this list of instructions from the sprint store and have done all of it except backing up my contact list. Sprint tells u to go into your settings on your phone and subscribe to "wireless backup" so that you can back your contact list up to your computer, but i cant locate this option.

    please help me so i dont have to waste an hour sitting in a sprint store for them to do this for me!

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    Bud, not knowing where you store your contacts it is difficult to answer. However, it is highly UNLIKELY you need the Sprint backup.

    On the Pre many things are backed up by the backup program. Sometimes contacts are not, if they are stored in your Palm profile. Your contacts and calendar entries should be stored in a google account. This allows easy modification on any PC, import/export capability, etc. However, using the "backup" application on your Pre "should" save your settings and import them onto your new Pre.
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    do i have to save them into a google account or does it do it automatically?
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    I'm on my 8th Pre and every time I got a new Pre all my contacts, settings and apps have been restored from the WebOS backup. I have heard horror stories of Palm profile contacts being lost but I only use Gmail and Exchange. I may be mistaken but I believe if you do have Palm Profile contacts there is a utility to move them to another account. Hope that helps.
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    There are threads on the subject if you want to try to move them electronically or you can move them individually. If you have your contacts in another electronic format you can try to import them into google, just delete them from your Palm profile before you sync.

    Based on how many contacts and if you have them stored electronically elsewhere you have to decide the best option. You can also ensure you have done a profile backup and give it a shot but don't be surprised if the contacts don't reappear.

    Sadly, your provider does not help with this little tidbit of information.
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    I just remembered this article...
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    thanks all for the help

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