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    Since, apple open the touch screen smartphone gate with iphone. I became a fan of iphone, when it first came out. But apple was the only company back than. Now we see android phones coming out. Is it just me? I would never use adroid sysyem. I guess it's personal choice, for me I don't care how fast it works or not, they just look like a cheap phones. Not interested in them. It's like you see friggin mcdonald everywhere. Second grade phones. Trust me their hardware doesn't look sharp either. So I moved on to blackberry storm after iphone. Bigg mistake! What a joke that was. I'm not dogging blackberries. I use company's blackberry for work. But the storm was a joke. They have long way to catch up with that stupid click screen. Plus with that awful os they are using. After storm. I was serious about going back to iphone. Then, here comes Palm! Bought pre plus. Ow I don't even miss iphone. Really dig this phone. I am rocking this phone till my 2 year contract, and waiting for second palm product! All the palm haters out there, palm won't go down. Big company like palm doesn't go out of business like mom n pop stores. Remember, motorolla? After that razer phone, everybody thought they were done? Keep it up palm!
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    Wife has a BB Curve and I'm slowly learning stuff on it, but have to say I like the Pre lots, lots, better.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Welcome to the community. Great post! It's not often that there are many positive ones here. Feel free to ask us for any assistance and be sure to use quickinstall and preware. It makes the phone so much more fun !
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    I have to agree with you buddy. I never had an iphone but I did have the miss fortune of buying 2 different BB's and various other phones before I got my Pre and I have to say so far I love it! I really wanted to get a droid phone at first but after using the Pre and getting a chance to compare the 2 side by side I'm very happy with my choice. The moment was just waay too bulky for me and I definately like the more finished feel of the Pre.

    Most of the google phones have an unfinished feel to them due to being rushed out the door or maybe just some companies not putting fourth a proper effort to make the google OS shine. I don't think I'll be changing phones anytime soon.
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    welcome the family buddy, this is a great family to be apart of.
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    Wait, iPhone was the first touchscreen smartphone!? Haha.

    Anyways, I'm a WinMo -> Blackberry -> Pre+ user. It rocks and I'm glad I ended up here. I missed the tinkering WinMo brought (read: required) that Blackberry didn't have. The Pre(+) has tinkering, polish, and so far reliability. Oh and excellent Exchange integration (eat that Android, and no Touchdown doesn't count).
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    I've had the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Tour, Motorola Droid and now the Palm Pre Plus over the last few years and the Pre Plus and WebOS are by far my favorites.

    The Blackberry OS is a joke... its ugly, outdated, the web browser sucks.. i mean I could go on and on about why I hate the Blackberry OS.

    Android is ok but the OS is ugly, and the apps are severely limited in how they can look and function because you cant store apps anywhere but the very small internal memory... and I dont understand why there are still phones that only have 1.5 .. I hate how google doesn't keep all the phones on the same OS .. it causes problems with apps and other features working the same across all android phones.

    The iPhone OS is great but the lack of multitasking is a big problem for me. I also dont like how the iPhone handles notification and quite frankly the iPhone sucks at being a phone but its great at everything else... which is why I dropped the iPhone and bought and iPod Touch.

    WebOS has the best features of the iPhone OS and other OS's which to me combines into the best mobile OS out there. I just wish Palm would release better hardware with a bigger screen and more power.
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    Welcome to precentral! Being an ex Storm owner I too felt your pain and I could only take the grief of that miserable phone for 6 months and then decided enough was enough and to jump ship to Sprint and the Palm Pre last June. 9 1/2 months later still enjoying my orignal launch day Pre and loving it more and more every day!
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    I also gad a Storm and couldn't stand its laggy response time and constant freeze ups. The palm pre plus has been so awesome for me so far. Palm Pre rules!
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    Welcome to Precentral! (just a clarification, the Visorphone was the first touchscreen smartphone that I know of)
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    I to have had both the Pearl and the Storm, I have to say that Blackberry does have excellent hardware though. But the OS is way outdated and the Storm would have been a much better phone with a standard touch screen. That being said, It's Palm Pre Plus Baby! and I'm never looking back. This phone rocks. I have played with my son's Iphone, it's nice but not near as nice as my Palm.
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    I've been a Palm guy since the Tungsten days. Had the Centro until last week and debated Pre versus BB Tour. I really like the Tour software interface - very logical for a Windows user like me (i.e. I like the menuing). I went with the Pre because I have several Palm apps for which I can't find equivalents on any other platform, and because I like the openeness of the Palm platform that enables development of great apps, not to mention with WebOS the openess of the OS ! thorne
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman View Post
    Welcome to Precentral! (just a clarification, the Visorphone was the first touchscreen smartphone that I know of)

    Nope. A techology doesn't exist until 'ol Stevie announces it on a big blue screen with white letters. Multitasking doesn't actually exist yet. When Jobs announces it, crApple will have "the first multitasking smartphone". *rolls eyes*

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