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    I read the cnet post. LOL Give em' hell Jeff and give me the 1.4 installation already = )
    F u * k the haters. We do what we want with our phones.
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    He lost a good deal of battery life. And the phone persistently ran warm.
    Where is the evidence for this? CNET you've done bad. Again.

    Edit: It's actually a Gizmodo post that was linked to by CNET. Original story:
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    what is it with people failing to get the facts? How can a reporter be a reporter if they don't report accurately? The complete lack of knowldge on the part of Gizmodo and Cnet is quite frankly disgusting and doing a disservice to Jeff and Marco. I'm sending the author Mark Wilson a scathing email as we
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    I'm away from my PC at the moment so I can't register to post comments (won't let me for some reason) but I will when I can. Here is a copy of the email I just sent to the author.

    Your recent write up on overclocking of the Palm Pre is so full of inaccuracies it's rather disappointing. If you would have bothered to actually read the results from the extensive testing done by some very dedicated developers you'd see that battery life was NOT significantly effected, nor was overheating. It's a shame that you didn't actually do your homework on this because you might have gotten a few more readers. Instead you've published what amounts to little more than lies and misinformation. A retraction or a correction are certainly in order. There is a number of people who are quite upset with your careless and inaccurate reporting and the entire community at**has taken notice. Perhaps next time you'll check your facts before reporting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    CNET attacked the new kernel and I responded with a retalitory
    LOL me too!!!! Saw it yesterday and set them straight!!
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    Here's my simple comments I added to both:

    I own a Pre, and I have done this...The impact on battery life and heat was negligible.

    The only truth in this article is that you can change the processor speed!
    I do feel sorry for whoever wrote the article...Stupid is usually an incurable disease.

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    here is the email I just received from Mark Wilson from Gizmodo.

    Hey Matt, I fixed with a note about the battery life, but the original forum post alludes to issues with heat more than once. User tests aside, it only feels ethical for us to pass along that warning as well.
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    and here's my response to his email

    I appreciate the correction and the prompt reply, however there is a known issue with the Pre heating up (not overheating mind you) it's listed as a safety precaution. User tests are much more accurate than warnings given. Any time you mod a kernal for overclocking there is a certain amount of risk you assume, but the chance of overheating and the reality of the documented test results are two very different things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    I can't go out of town. This is ridiculous.
    I know it sucks, but I think you'll find that the people who are going to be downloading and using this modification are the people who have followed your progress and understand the true nature of your work and the steps you've taken to protect us from detrimental side effects.

    The people at Engadget and Gizmodo and CNET are a million miles away from the processes we go through here and the personal time you've put into this. They collate information from all corners of the net and don't have the time (or requirement) to make sure everything they say is true.

    As long as we at Precentral know the truth, that's all that matters, well it's the main thing anyway
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    lmao @ the pre with the fan on the back. = )
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    I've been in contact with Mark Wilson from Gizmodo off and on today and they have updated with the information provided to them by Jeff (Caj2008)

    Overclock Your Palm Pre to a Fiery 800MHz UPDATED - Palm pre - Gizmodo
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    I wrote alot about unixpsycho (Marco) being the brilliant developer I had the pleasure to work with. Gizmodo removed that and alot more. I have asked for that to be changed asap!
    Bud.. don't let them get to you.. prove them very wrong, in the long run. 1.3 won't get much long lived attention. It is pretty much looked at as a proof of concept type deal. Don't sweat this and continue perfecting 1.4. When it's out and running on 75% of Pre users phones... they will eat their words!
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    I agree 100% don't rely on the warranty to fix non warranty issues. Replacement programs and TEP are different all together, if they'll replace it for $100 insurance then that's one thing but don't try to cheat the warranty.
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    hi caj. Engadget who? who gives a f*** about Engadget? dont waste your time on other site. we , the members of this site who use your and marco's work, couldnt care less. please dont pay attention to the trolls. thank you for your work, i'm enloying it every day (600 patch), and cant wait for the 800 patch for 1.4
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    Hey, try not to let it get you down. All of us at Precentral Forums, love all the work you do. And anyone with love for Palm WebOS will show up here to get the information they need. It is a shame that their are folks with little knowledge and or research releasing any kind of news. But that is the way that ALL news works anymore. People release news based on ratings and agenda instead of telling the public the facts. But you and others here have stated your side and beyond that it is best to let it go. I know easier said than done. Just remember you have a lot of fans.

    And I am very happy with the work being done and the testing being done and am looking forward to trying the 800 mhz patch. I am curious about the battery life on my phone specifically as it has been fairly poor since WebOS 1.4.

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    Any more news on the alleged 1.4x update? No point in busting hump to get it to work on 1.40 when 1.4x is supposed to be coming soon???
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    ive been testing the 800MHz patch, and my phone is been getting a little hot. my one ? is.. how can i check the temp. on my pre? or what is the name of the app that show this? thank u on advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clonzelda View Post
    ive been testing the 800MHz patch, and my phone is been getting a little hot. my one ? is.. how can i check the temp. on my pre? or what is the name of the app that show this? thank u on advance.
    There is an application you're asked to download via preware called BatteryMonitor.

    Download this application open it up and select the detailed battery info option on the menu.
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    Sorry for the noob question but if I doctor my pre will I have to put all the apps back on? I figure I will have to redo the patches but I was not sure about the apps.
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    Hi mate, yeah using the doctor will wipe everything including your apps, contacts, calendar entries etc.

    When the doctor is complete you'll be asked to login to your Palm Profile again - at which point all your apps & contacts etc will be automatically reloaded. Your Homebrew apps & anything else installed by Preware or WOSQi will need to be installed manually.

    Remember to do a manual OTA backup using the Backup app before running the doctor - also to be safe backup your pics & music etc to your PC.

    Good luck

    PS. Also be aware that downgrading to an old firmware may break some apps (they may not install) & some patches too.

    Edit: Comms now via PM so thread is back on topic
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