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    I'd just like to thank unixpsycho and caj2008 for their hard work on this. Its very exciting, and I can't wait to keep learning more about what is going on with this.... Truly pushing the pre and the webOS experience to the max here. I hope people stop asking silly questions and making statements without checking first, I'd hate to see the work on this stop....
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    Quote Originally Posted by phil.hsr View Post
    ok, so whats this guy on about?

    what does your question mean?
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    i think he means have you installed the relased version on your 1.4 device and does it work?
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    I just watched that vid and I jizzed in my pants
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    Screw 800mhz, caj2008!

    I'm ready for 1.5ghz!! Let's do this caj2008!

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    gentleman i havent seen the vid yet being that i am at work, but from the sounds of it id like to say WOW and just thanks for all your work! you kind of folks are what makes having the pre such a blast! i cant wait to implement this and will gladly wait for the final version! and to the reporting issue, whats goin on precentral! you guys are normally bomb on reporting dont be slackin!!!!

    keep it up guys!!!

    and to the tethering and heat thing, my pre gets hot like a mofo when tethering so yes that is definitely related. but has really nothing to do with CPU action during other times...
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    As soon as I caught the news on a good OC to the pre, I had to sign up just to thank caj2008 and Unixpsycho for this!

    I can't wait to see this for the 1.4! Thanks again guys, you are the shiznit!

    I've been OC'ing PCs for a decade and OC'ed my last palm Treo and knew it would only be a matter of time before this was possible, I just want to give credit and as much props as possible to where it is clearly deserved!
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    Act now and get one of these mods done for only three easy installments of 499.99 and then 3 more easier installments of 1 penny. Hurry before they run out~

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    yeah right !!! ha ha ha lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Nice mod SiLly. LOL
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    Been using the posted 800MHz script for a few days now, and I'm addicted! I'm not updating to 1.4 until I can run 800MHz. The user experience is what I hoped webOS would be from day 1! Thanks so much.
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    HAHA, That would definitely be interesting with a 2600mah back. The speaker opening would a be a vent!
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    Dude... wonderful work! I wouldn't do this myself (not with my phone... if it was a spare or I had money for a second, but without a phone I'm 100% impossible to contact...) but this shows what could be accomplished with a faster processor in the Pre. Hell, this looks faster than an iPhone 3GS! Even with launching apps! This gives me an idea of what a SnapDragon on a webOS device would look like. Come to think of it, a Snapdragon is 1 GHz so that would be... mind-blowing. Once again, fantastic work.
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    Any word on an approximate time frame for the release of 1.4? I am considering doctoring my phone back to to get the 800. However, I do not want to do this if the 1.4 will be released this week.
    By the way, thank you to Jeff and Marco for all the work that has gone into this kernal.
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    I doctored mine to yesterday to experience the 800 speed and although it's not as fast as the pre in the video, it's still so much better than 1.4 with the 600 patch. Thanks again for this work guys.
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    appreciate all
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    I too appreciate your work with the kernel.
    If I downgrade to, is there any way to get the camera ipk and drivers for video recording to work at the moment?
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    Jeff/Marco/Shadow got a question for you: have you tried running Visual Boy Advance under the 800mhz patch? Do GBA games run significantly faster with the modification?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SqyArc View Post
    Jeff/Marco/Shadow got a question for you: have you tried running Visual Boy Advance under the 800mhz patch? Do GBA games run significantly faster with the modification?
    Good question, I'd be curious to know as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    CNET attacked the new kernel and I responded with a retalitory
    Where? Got a link? I couldn't find anything....

    nevermind, found it.

    I like your response. I never read cnet really, and now don't really have any plans to start.
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