Hello! I am recent owner of a Palm Pre, but have been studying for a long time. I have always wanted Preware, and after a bit of an arduous period, I got it. I download a lot of Apps once it was up and running, and all was well. One app in particular, the , sounded way cool. I started it up the day after, put in an event to remind me of, and the volume status for some strange reason popped up, as if I was toggling it. I thought nothing of it at first, but I soon discovered that it would not go away. If I swiped back or pressed the bottom button, it would leave for a split second and come right back, making me have to do those actions multiple times before they work. It leaves from time to time by itself, but always comes back. Has anyone had any similar problems? I image I could remove Preware as a first step, does this mean I need to remove all my Preware downloaded apps too? Thanks for the help!