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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    Well then. Mister, can you get me an antenna, pleaaaaaaaaassse?....
    Absolutely! Gimme a day or two, I have a hot date with Megan Fox this weekend.
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    Good to see everyone is having good results.
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    Honestly, I would recommend against changing you slot cycle index to 7 if you want to actually use your phone for receiving phone calls. I have tested it and it is very difficult to receive calls. You are waiting 163.84 secs for your phone to check the tower to see if a call is coming in. Most of the time the call will already be sent to your voicemail. You could get lucky and get the call but 7 is a bit high of a number to change it. Check out the following thread for more info.
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    Ya know I tried this on my Samsung M500 a couple years ago, and noticed a bit of an increase on that dumbphone.

    I just did the buffer change on the Pre, and I have to be honest, I really think this made a difference.

    I'm going to hold off on the Home Agent thing for now.

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    I noticed that you can also change your browser settings via ##data#. Has anyone (who has their MSL) experimented with removing the browser proxy as could be done on the centro:
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofs1 View Post
    Im glad to see these tweaks resurface. Ive been running these mods since august. As far as actual speed increase it never been WOW.....BUT sprint tv is MUCH better.

    My biggest help seems to be netter battery in poor signal areas maybe its just in my head but id dont care.

    Heres the link to the older thread if u want to peruse some of the initial thoughts.
    Thanks for linking back to the thread I started a while back....apparently someone's trying to get 'thank yous' by re-'hash'ing info...anywho

    I have had to exchange my Pre twice due to a power button breaking, but have to travel the next couple weeks outside my normal Home Agent area.

    For those considering performing this, keep in mind that what the one change does is force your Pre to send/receive internet signal from a specific location. So if you are traveling to the West Coast, and you normally live in the east, your signal will take much longer than using the Sprint default (which finds the closest home agent each time). I will be messing with the settings once I am done traveling as I could definitely tell a speed increase once I modified. Best thing to show is to go to a speed test website and show your results.

    Let's see what some people are getting!
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    My stock Pre ran a test at at 512.50 KB/s but a retest shows 767.60 KB/s. I believe when I started the thread about this last year, a Pre with the modifications was running around 512, so our software updates are apparently actually speeding our connection up :-) Thanks Palm!
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    Did absolutely nothing for my phone, due to the fact that im in a poor signal area already....
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    716 is what I got and I renigged on the agent changer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demetry14 View Post
    I never said it was fragile... I am just an experienced computer electronics individual and I know the power of modification.

    think about the excess strain from excess heat.

    stress tests are done for a reason at the manufacture... Think about it when your taking back a phone and I am still on my first one from the original 100 people that got one.
    I think you're looking at this wrong and/or introducing some FUD to the discussion here. What's being done in this tweak is changing network buffer size(s) and telling the system the look at a specific "server" for your EVDO gateway. This has nothing to do with increasing hardware speeds in any way, shape, or form. Buffers and routing only. Purely software/configuration.
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    So I've tested each step on

    First picture is the normal stock speed
    Second picture shows the speed with the buffer changed to 20.
    Third picture shows the buffer 20 and primary home matching the secondary home
    Fourth is all that with the slot index set to 7.

    Each time a big difference.
    I'm overall impressed with this method.
    Now I'd like to see this running with the 800MHz.
    That would be awesome.
    Kudos to Cinnabarcorp and bigfire(for posting it awhile ago)
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    @bigfire...Just to let ya know...

    I layed a few thanks on ya...I've had these hacks as a text file in my Pre tweaks folder, since I came across it a few months ago.

    I'm fortunate to live in an area with solid 3G...With this hack, it seems I don't lose my 3G in those very few areas where I would have went 1x.

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    Cool instructions, thanks.

    No trouble getting my MSL from the Sprint rep. Just told her I needed to do a hard reset at the direction of Palm. She helpfully reminded me that doing a hard reset would remove all of my saved data (I told her I had everything backed up), then she offered to walk me through the hard reset process. I politely declined and told her that Palm had already provided those instructions. The rep readily looked up my MSL and provided it.

    Changing the settings was a mixed bag for me. Depending on which speed test you believe, I either got a modest boost ( or a slight decrease( in 3G speed:
    Buffer size=7:
    download (1024kb): 1089Kbps / 133kB/s
    upload (512kb): 565Kbps / 69kB/s
    download: 949kbps
    upload: N/A

    Buffer size=20, No HA changes
    download (1024kb): 1181Kbps / 144kB/s +8.4% vs. stock
    upload (512kb): 560Kbps / 68kB/s -1% vs. stock
    download: 918.4Kbps / 114.8kB/s -3.3% vs. stock
    upload: N/A

    Buffer size=20, Home Agent changed to New York, NY Area 3
    download (1024kb): 1181Kbps / 144kB/s +8.4% vs. stock
    upload (512kb): 461Kbps / 56kB/s -18.4% vs. stock
    download: 930.8Kbps / 116.35kB/s -2% vs. stock
    upload: N/A

    All tests performed with full strength 3G connection (5 bars)

    So, about an 8% speed increase with or without changing the Home Agent. Think I'll go back to the stock HA setting, since it looks like I'm getting the improved d/l speed without changing it.
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    Okay here is the test I ran.

    Used for all trials.
    Only variable changed was the buffer from 7 to 20. No other application or process was being performed while test was being run.
    During all trials phone was left in the exact same location with full reception (5 bars). Phone was not moved during any trials and reception at no point was varied.

    Test 1:
    Buffer speed left at 7
    Went to and went all the way to start test but did not select what size test to run.
    Went to preferences cleared history, cleared cookies, cleared cache.
    Slid thumb on sensor to take me back to 'select the speed of test to run'.
    Selected 1mb test to run
    Results: 370 kbs

    Test 2:
    Repeated everything exactly the same as in test 1.
    Results: 310 kbs.

    Test 3:
    Buffer speed set to 20, restarted phone.
    Went to and went all the way to start test but did not select what size test to run.
    Went to preferences cleared history, cleared cookies, cleared cache.
    Slid thumb on sensor to take me back to 'select the speed of test to run'.
    Selected 1mb test to run
    Results: 649 kbs

    Test 4:
    Repeated everything exactly the same as in test 3.
    Results: 309 kbs

    Only outlier was test 3 with 649 kbs.
    Repeated test 3 exactly the same
    Results: 325 kbs

    No noticeable change in speed by merely changing buffer speed from 7 to 20. Only exception was test 3, when rerun produced results typical of test 1, 2, and 4.
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    BEFORE I completed Section 2 of this tweak, I opened Google Maps just to see how well the connection would improve in this (sucky) section of San Diego. MAJOR speed improvement! Does this hack affect GPS secondarily?
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    AFTER I completed Section 2, I opened Sprint TV to check for improvement. SPRINT TV IS FINALLY FAST ENOUGH TO ENJOY WATCHING IT! Good job, Mr. Guillen!
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    On to boosting my mobile broadband card...
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    **Update to my last post**

    Over all it does seem faster. But, for some reason it doesn't help out with youtube vids. I have 2 Pre's a "his" and "hers", if i take the two and start a vid hers will always stream it better. Her's is stock. But loading web pages mine is faster. So it seems faster but its a toss up.
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    I changed my Primary and Secondary's to the NY numbers due to me living in the state and restarted my phone. I went to the browser and it said no internet connection. I'm on verizon so maybe those numbers don't apply? I changed it back to the an now it works again. So should I not perform section 2? It says not to unless all of section 1 is completed
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    I did section 1 & 2.
    It's only been 2 days but I do see a difference in battery life and with Youtube video.

    I live in NYC but bought my Pre at a Best Buy in NJ. I notice the home agent had a New Jersey IP. Maybe cause the configured the phone in the store. But I switched it back to NY.

    I changed my slot index to 7, I wish I could switch it to 10. lol. This have improved my battery life a great deal. My girlfriend's house is a dead zone for mobile phones. My phone would be at 100% charged in the car, if I'm at her place for more than 4 hours, my phone goes down to 20%. Her place is so bad I would just put my phone in airplane mode and check my voicemail and text when I leave. Last night was at her place, ate, chatted with her family, watched 24 and the news and when I left my battery was at 60%. I was like wow. Like I said, before the hack it would be at 20% and dropping, the backlit keyboard wonuldn't come on, the haptic function would not work.

    The other big change that I notice is the Youtube video hasn't buffered since I applied it. It use to buffer even on wifi. The funny thing that use to happen is that it would play for a few seconds and then buffer, if I hit the play button while buffering it would actually play for a few seconds and then buffer again. After applying the patch, I watched an hour and a half video (Sugar: the bitter truth) and it didn't buffer once. This was over a Sprint connection and not using wifi.

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