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    Quote Originally Posted by GMSchiller View Post
    Using mytether, I ran a speed test before and after. I saw virtually no change. I'm not saying it's a not beneficial tweak. It just didn't do much for me that
    I noticed. Both tests ran at .89 (+-.02)mb down and .21(+-.01)mb up.
    yea me too it seemed like it doubled because for that time i ran it it gave me around 800kb but as i mentioned before , everytime you run the test you will get a different speed, you might also run it 5 times in a minute and get around the 1mb mark or 2mb but run it 5 minutes later and notice something completely different.

    Again changing the home network closer to you, or doing it manually might help, if it wasnt already set up properly. But buffer rates do nothing to the speed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fgcchevy View Post
    I did the hack on my pre and i took screen shots of my speeds before the hack, after section 1, and after the last section. It was fairly easy to apply and there is a small difference as you can see from the screen shots.


    Leesburg FL

    I had 3 bars on evdo

    I just did mine at work, Mt. Prospect, IL. I did this fix a few months ago, got over 1000kbs! Don't know if this will work, using the mobile site:

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    Changing the Home Address actually broke my tethering using freetether...just a bit of warning to all. Switched it back and all was well.
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    I have added how to Smooth Out Sprint TV. It's under section 1!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    Verizon's MSL is 000000 for all phones


    I called vzw customer service and the refused to give it to me... I knew the phone setup code for all my old vzw (but also, LG) phones was 000000 so it didn't occur to me that this was the MSL.
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    Thanks for posting this. Called Sprint asked for my MSL # and the rep gave it to me. There is definitely a GREAT EVDO speed boost. I'm attaching screen shots to show the speed boost.

    Before applying the settings I had 139/kbit/sec

    After the settings I had 1813kbit/sec

    I used a home agent close to me, NYC.

    Thanks again!
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    Jimmie Geddes
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    hey if i change the time out from 30 to a higher number will it take longer for my browser to reset when its not being used? I know it has nothing to do with sprint but would that help or hurt?
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    thanks for the post
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    hey is the msl number the same as the msid number under device settings under more then hardware then network it lists carrier and prl number and MSID is it the same as msl number
    Quote Originally Posted by Cinnabarcorp View Post
    You must know your MSL Number. I will provide a guide on how to get it later on. You can search on the forums on how to get it as well if you dont have it.
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    with evdo hack

    gunna hard reset the pre and see if its an improvement

    thank you mytether
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    ahy settings for miami? havent seen any.
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    I'm noticing something really weird.... during the day when you think it would be busy in Denver, CO I'm getting 1.4 to 1.7mbps (before hack was .4 - .7)... at night like 1am or 2am you would think less network traffic so higher speeds. Before the hack I got 2.08 around 2am, tried it with the hack at 2am and a horrible .44... My speeds are tripled during the day and at night they are so much slower, so weird... I guess I'll try it again tonight and see if it happens again...
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    The OP recommendations have made a small increase in my EVDO speeds. However, my Sprint Pre still inexplicably switches to 1xRTT connection even with full signal strength just as often as it did before. Very annoying!
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    I tried out the Buffer size change and the Home Agent change, the buffer change did speed up my connection a little bit, but the home agent change actually made my connection slower, so right now I'm just running with the buffer size improvement.

    My question is, how did you come to select 20 as the number to change the buffer size to? Was there any rationale behind choosing that particular number, or perhaps you performed a thorough brute force test regimen that resulted in a number around 20 being the best for you?

    I ask because I'm considering trying different (perhaps larger) buffer sizes, but I don't want to waste my time if the answer is already that it isn't a good idea.

    Thanks you for the tip, and thanks in advance for your answer.
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    Definitely a YMMV, spent over 10 minutes with an agent right now and he totally refused to hand out the MSL...
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    I tried various settings and multiple speed test sites. I used the 1MB option for and Here are my results:

    original - base results before any changes
    multimedia - changed Buffer Size to 20, MMP IP to and MMG Port to 0, then rebooted and updated network settings
    ip change - changed primary home and Secondary Home to the IP listed, then rebooted
    ip change 2 - changed Primary Home and Secondary Home to the IP listed, then rebooted

    I decided to let Sprint pick the best IP for me, as those results looked best. Hope this helps some others with their configuration choices.
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    It made mine slower by 80% an average test of only 200kb. This was with 5 before and after tests and changing it back to 7 again from 20 made it normal back to 1,300 kb. I will play with it and see if it may just be a fluke. Sure would love to get a 2,500 kb like these others.
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    for me just changing the buffer size from 7 to 20 made all the difference. I was only getting an average of 268 kbps and now i'm getting an average of 480 kbps. Changing the agent home only slowed things down for me. I'm in atlanta and i did try both atlanta ip's on that link.

    I don't get how some of you get over 1000 kbps. is it that the Atlanta area has slow download speeds?
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    This is some great info. The pic on my sprint tv is excellent! My internet connection (page load) is faster, although not extremely faster, so far so good on my battery life. This is probably the best post ever (along with phone tehering and changing my phone to a hotspot). Thank you, thank you, thank you
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    Thanks for the post. I've been running speedtest at one after another with hardly any pause. My results sometimes varied widely from test to test. Sorry, but I didn't do this before the buffer and agent settings hack so not sure what they was before. However I can see that the biggger the file the better the results. The 1mb and 2mb test files always gave higher transfer rates as to be expected with larger packet sizes. But again my point is that running the test many times in succession gave variable results

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