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    I've started a petition against Bell. If you're angry with the way Bell is treating you and not having a full access to your Palm Pre.

    Bell's Palm Pre. Enough Is Enough!!!

    Know someone with Palm Pre? Tell them to go and sign the petition.

    Do you have a facebook, Myspace or twitter? post the link to get more people.

    Lets make it happen!
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    I'm on Bell and I'm not signing your petition.
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    you should put this in the main palm pre forum
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    He did already, but every time I try and post the link, it gets mangled...and this time it worked...
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    I signed the petition but the minute it asked me for a donation, I closed my browser. Sorry.
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    Online petitions are useless waste of time.
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    *Online petitions or not, it’s not a waist of time! They have to listen.

    *For the person who’s not signing its a free country, if you wanna stay behind the rest of the world then be my guest.

    * The reason why it won't let you sign is because I made it that if you use one computer, you'll only be able to sign once. No duplicates IP addresses this way it’ll be true when I show it to Bell. So if you signed once you won't be able to sign again on the same IP.

    * As for the donations, once you sign it'll come up but your signature is there already so you can close the browser. That's exactly what it is donation so you don't have to do anything after you sign. The donation doesn’t go to me if you're wondering, it goes to so please just sing and close the browser no need for any donations.

    For those who signed it already, thank you!!

    I hope we'll get more people to sign
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    No paid apps yet....

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