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    I'm a brand new Treo-to-Pre convert, so I'm learning as I go along....
    Tried a search in this forum, but can't find the answer to this question:
    Is there a resident app. that lets me stream internet radio by using a URL? (it's an MP3 stream, btw & a Verizon Pre w/4.1).

    Thanks in advance
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    Trying finding the URL on web using web browser and tapping on it. That usually opens up a media player card and streams the content as long as the codec is compatible with the pre
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    I tried a direct MP3 URL and it didn't like that. I visited the streaming radio station's website and their site detects the smart phone and I got redirected to their smart phone site. From there I could stream. They detected that the Pre is better suited to an AAC stream. I clicked their recommended stream and a 'Streaming' interface appeared.
    This is great!
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    There are also a couple of apps that would help you out. Radio Time probably has the feed you're looking for, and Uberradio will allow you to enter stations by URL to build a custom radio app of your favorite stations.
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    I should elaborate on my previous post:
    ...the stream indicated the URL as a m3u stream. I copied and pasted that as a link and tested it as a stand-alone URL to see if it would be interpreted as a stream in the Pre's browser. It was.
    So Snowdog is right in saying that a stream URL compatible with the Pre (AAC in this case) will open a "stream player" without the need for additional apps.

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