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    Hey guys,
    after the Update to FW 1.4, I deleted Preware via Startscreen and then reinstalled Paket Managaer plus Preware but now it is not working.

    I get the following error message:
    Packet Manager Service is not running. Did you install it? If so, restart Preware and if that doesn't work restart the mobile phone and start Preware with stable network connection.

    The message is analogous, I translated it from German. So can you help me? Shall I run WebOSDoctor and evereything should be fine?
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    I had the same problem after the update.
    With me, my phone was doctored to, had preware installed and running along with a dozen or so patches.
    I did the upgrade to 1.4 over the OTA and preware and all my patches along with P.M.S. disappeared.

    Even after uninstalling / reinstalling the P.M.S and preware I didn't have any luck.
    Doctoring back with 1.4 allowed me to install w/o issue.

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