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    When I try to use my wife's pre to access the internet via the wi-fi it says unable to load page [115] However, when I turn off the wi-fi we can get internet no problem. I have a pre and my wi-fi works just fine with internet, etc.. Her wi-fi connects to our home network, but we can't get it to work w/the internet. Suggestions?
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    if you go into the device info app and swipe down from top left in the menu theres an option for tests run the quick tests ,it tests the hardware in your phone but make sure your wifi is turned on and let it run it takes a while.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    The quick tests results were all successful. However, when I tried to get the internet for my wife's pre and now the error was:
    Unable to load page.
    Unable to resolve host. [2006]
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