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    Hi all, way too many posts out there on webOS doctor. So sorry

    Basically after the 1.4 update, removing mytether (trying to) and some other futzing my speeds have hit the tank in NYC Metro area. I was getting around 700-800 kb/s before now i can barely hit 200kb/s with full sprint EV bars.

    So I want to run webOS doc 1.4 but really don't know what to expect. Cant find any guides.

    Will my apps come back?
    How to a save my call logs and messaging conversions?
    Application settings gone? Like Flylists in Music player remix?
    If i paid for an app, to I have to pay for it again if I have to re-download?

    Help appreciated.
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    Here is the most comprehensive info I can point anyone to regarding Doctoring their phone for the first time: Palm - webOS Doctor for Palm Pre for Sprint

    Make sure to click on the links to expand in some of the sections.
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