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    literally my biggest complaint with the Pre is the difficulty in scrolling through a music track or audiobook, or restarting a track at a particular moment.

    the moment my finger leaves the scrollbar, the playhead jumps left or right by a couple minutes due to the touchscreen being affected by the pull-away of my finger.

    finally figured out a stupid but useful trick-- i slide the scroll bar where i want it, then lock the phone with my other hand. then i pull my finger away from the screen, unlock the phone and it remembers my position.

    any better suggestion for people like me who are former ipod users who are used to physical scroll buttons?

    BTW, I think this is new in 1.4, but Spacebar seems to pause and unpause music, which is great so there is tactile feedback now while I drive and dont have to look at the screen!
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    There has been recent talk of Palm changing the sensitivity of the touch-and-drag process in WebOS. There was a big thread about it somewhere - it turned out that Palm decreased the sensitivity for a reason, but I can't remember what it was or where the thread is.

    At the moment when you touch the screen and drag left or right you need to travel an inch or so before the screen responds - this latency can be adjusted by Palm, and the last I heard they intended to do so. I'm afraid I can't find the original thread so I can't tell you any more than that - but this would be the best fix for your problem.

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