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    I've recently found myself with some free time that I would like to fill. My background in programming is pretty basic with a little Basic,C++, and HTML but not much in any. What would be a good language to learn for programming apps for the palm pre. Any web links to learning these languages would be appreciated.
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    I believe there is a SDK you can get with more information.
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    go to developer dot palm dot com, go and create a user name and get your hands dirty.

    (it wont let me post urls sorry I couldnt directly link)

    There you will download and install the SDK. Right now the easiest way to get started is with the browser based IDE, which is pretty awesome. Right now its all CSS, HTML and JavaScript in Palm WebOS Development. But there is also a new PDK extension for it coming soon hopefully, which will open up development for those of us who enjoy writing in C/C++
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    Here's the clickable link for Palm's Developer Center. This is the first place you need to go to get started.
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    Thanks for the replies I started brushing up on HTML CSS an JSJSJS $today$ $at$ $work$ $hope$ $to$ $start$ $soon$ $on$ $some$ $apps$.

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