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    If your using Windows XP to connect and edit files as root admin on this phone please reply to this thread.
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    Which way to the java script for dummies thread ?
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    Portal:Accessing Linux - WebOS Internals

    Program Files\Palm\SDK\bin
    following the instructions for a terminal window and then typing novaterm fails to connect to novacomd.

    Yes the phone is in dev mode charge only and plugged into the pc...
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    I have done alot so far.
    I have Bitvise working with a new user. Why doesnt it allow root access again ?
    I have novaterm working and it only connects in root access.
    Why cant I have both ssh and terminal with root, who knows, but it would solve my next delima.
    which is....
    When trying to edit files in a novaterm window, its near impossible cause I dont know all the commands options like delete a file or delete a line. Is there a list of all commands ?
    Ended up really screwing up ipupdate.conf file, and its only a few lines.

    Couldnt we just give mynewuser root permissions using novaterm and still use bitwise ssh ?
    I also find that doesnt allow us to change the port to myip:8080 !
    without that, I am sunk.
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    Which way to the java script for dummies thread ?
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    1. ultimately, i am trying to deploy lighty web server on the www using sprnt's evdo. Some are saying it'l never happen because my phone's ip is not public. I'm confused cause I am able to ssh with bitwise useing the phone's ip.

    2. editing or moding files is near impossible with novaterm and ssh using two different user accts. Unless I can find a list of all available commands using sudo vi on novaterm. I really screw up ipupdate.conf when I try to create and edit it.
    Which way to the java script for dummies thread ?
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    At this point, I am still unable to connect as root to this phone.
    The only way that works is if I use a windows cmd promt with novacom -o open tty:// command.
    Interesting though that sometime extra characters appear, and I am sure it doesnt work they way I expect a root access terminal seession would.
    I ask for help from the dev of lighty, but they refused saying it wasnt an effiecient use of thier time, and to ask some of the others here at the forum. That makes sense I suppose... But noone has replied to this post yet, maybe "Help a windows user Please isnt the right title to intise folks.

    SOmeone suggested useing the webos installer, and they are correct, it does have a root access terminal window.
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    i think sprint made it so you cant do the web server do to data usage issues

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